Compounding is the pharmaceutical art of customizing medication to meet individual needs. Compounding will allow a Physician to prescribe, and the Pharmacist to prepare a customized medication that is not commercially available, for his patient.

We can compound medications in the dosage strength, form and a flavor that meets your needs.

Richard’s Pharmacy Professional Compounders use bulk chemicals and medications to prepare elegant cost-effective formulations and preparations. We are combining the Art of Pharmacy with the Art of Medicine to help physicians serve the medication needs of their patients.

Our Compounding Pharmacists and Certified Technicians use only the highest quality ingredients and the latest techniques. Our professional compounding pharmacists are state licensed with extensive training in Compounding.

“Visit our State-of-the-Art-Compounding-Facility”

Richard’s Pharmacy Professional Compounders will meet the Physician’s and Patient’s Unique Needs. By combining today’s technology and yesterday’s art of Pharmacy, the list of compounded medications is limitless. Using commercially available products, high tech molds, bulk chemicals and new drug delivery systems, Richard’s Pharmacy Professional Compounders can create all types of alternative dosage forms.

Available Dosage Forms.

  • CAPSULES – powder and oil
  • TOPICAL – Creams, Ointments, Lotions, Pastes, Gels, Powders
  • SUPPOSITORIES – Rectal, Vaginal, (Local and Systemic Action)
  • LOLLIPOPS – Flavored to meet the Patients Preferences
  • SUSPENSIONS AND SOLUTIONS – Formulate solid Medications into Liquid

Richard’s Pharmacy Professional Compounders can also formulated Dye and Preservative Free Formulations, Natural Hormone Replacement and Topical Products to help complement Your Physician’s treatment plan.